An Anonymous New York Hero Turned The L Train Into An Electric Boogaloo This Morning

Now THAT is how you get a Friday started for not only yourself but for a bunch of total strangers. Here I was feeling good about blogging Sable's infamous hand print bikini this morning as a Wake Up With to get the Stoolies going. But this silly son of a bitch blew me the fuck out of the water with a performance that had to have brightened the commute of even the coldest hearted New Yorker.

Usually I would say anybody that plays their music on a speaker while riding the subway should be thrown off the train in the most rat infested part of that unholy system of tunnels no questions asked because death by a thousand rats seems like a fair punishment for making everyone else listen to your music on their way to or from their soul crushing jobs. Doubly so if they start pole dancing on the germ conductor subway poles like some drunk 20-something girl. 

However, the one exception to the rule is when that person is playing "Murder She Wrote", has more jiggle in his legs than a jar of jelly, and tops it off with an absolute CLINIC in R rolling. I can't get enough of this guy. He deserves to be on Broadway because if he can actually bring happiness to the most hopeless place in the city, God knows what he can do on the city's biggest stage.

*Okay, definitely not the most hopeless place in the city. But it's up there for us normies

If seeing that performance didn't turn your frown upside down, on a Friday no less!, your soul is muerte. Kaput. I could throw your ass of the highest peak of Vormir and not walk away with a glowing yellow stone because your body is filled with meat, bones, and nothing else.