Tony Dungy Praising Brian Flores by Comparing Him to Tony Dungy is Peak Tony Dungy

Former Bucs and Colts Hall of Fame coach-turned-America's nagging, judgmental uncle Tony Dungy delivered an address a Palm Beach State College yesterday. And with Brian Flores coming off a rookie head coach season in which his Dolphins went 5-4 down the stretch, it made perfect sense for someone to ask Dungy what he thinks of Flores.

Source - How strong was the endorsement? Dungy said coach Brian Flores reminds him of himself — and that’s coming from a Super Bowl winner and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. ...

“I think they look for a leader,” Dungy said of the Dolphins. “They look for somebody from a winning organization who had leadership qualities, who can direct them for a long time, and Brian Flores reminds me a lot of myself.” ...

Outlining their similarities in style, Dungy said, “I think it’s having convictions, having the belief in what you do and not letting other people talk you out of how you want to do things. And being steadfast and persevering even if the results aren’t there right away.”

This begs the question: Can something be a humblebrag if there's absolutely zero humble in it? 

How does Flores remind Dungy of Dungy? Because they're both minority head coaches? Certainly, that's a perfectly legitimate part of the discussion. But what else? Is it their coaching style? Blunt approach to dealing with players? Aggressiveness on offense? An attacking, pressure-based defense? 

None of the above. 

According to Dungy, it's Flores' uncanny, Dungy-like leadership qualities. It's being a natural winnner. It's having the courage of his convictions when all around you are having a crisis of confidence. It's being steadfast and persevering in the face of adversity. It's possessing that intangible, leadering leaderiness that cannot truly be defined but you know it when you meet a true leader. Another Tony Dungy, if you'll permit me to say it. 

It goes without saying that every head coach is a raging egomaniac to one degree or another. They're like generals in that in that either the job attracts big egos or it creates them. But 100% of them are narcissists to some extent. That's especially true about Hall of Fame coaches. So I wouldn't bat an eye if, say, Bill Parcells or Bill Cowher bragged about how smart or tough they were while being asked about some rookie coach.

The reason I object to this is it's coming from St. Anthony of Indianapolis, America's arbiter of all profound moral questions. The go-to guy when, for instance, an owner signs a wideout who just caused all sorts of hell on two other teams.

A guy who had the unmitigated gall to say of the Antonio Brown signing, “I coached 13 years as a head coach, every year my first message to the team was we want to win Super Bowls. Yes, we want to be talented, but we have to be role models. These kids in our country look up to NFL players and coaches. … I am disappointed in Robert Kraft.” Who coached fucking football teams for a living, but talks about it like he was running a ministry.

Well this is one well below average Catholic who thinks Dungy's close personal friend Jesus wouldn't have gone around praising people by saying "Simon Peter is doing a great job as an Apostle. He reminds me of a young Jesus," or "John the Baptist has got all the leadership qualities you look for. He's so much like me it's almost scary." 

I say again, were it any other retired coach, it wouldn't phase me. But coming from a sanctimonious, self-righteous man of the cloth, it's really, to use his phrase … disappointing. Remember what the Good Book says: "Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” -- 1 Paul 5:5.