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'No. 10? Who The Hell? Shit That's Jack' - Fred Hoiberg, When He Found Out His Son Was Starting For MSU Against Him

Pretty cool moment last night between Michigan State and Nebraska. Tom Izzo decided to start Jack Hoiberg in front of his father without telling Fred. Also a little insulting in a way since Nebraska flat out sucks this year and you're using one of your human victory cigars to start the game. BUT as a father of a son, I can get how cool this is. 

That said, I wanted nothing more than Fred Hoiberg to exploit the mismatch - strictly for content. Imagine if he's out there screaming mouse in the house and setting up ISO plays to attack his son to jump out to an early 6-0 lead or something like that before Izzo could sub him out. It would have been beautiful. Instead, he broke down Jack's game by saying he shot too many step back jumpers. Typical dad coach. 

Pretty gross that he had to start while wearing the worst Michigan State uniforms in their history. I still can't believe they wear those. I get that it's for recruits and shit, but recruits actually like that neon design? Feel like the throwbacks are 1000000000 times better. Also, Michigan State is just one of those programs that doesn't need neon jerseys. I digress though.

Either way a pretty cool moment. As for Nebraska? Stay patient. You guys suck this year, but Hoiberg has proven he can win in college. Let him start getting his transfers in and implementing his system and you should be fine. That said, I am a bit worried that he lost a step by not cooking his son right off the bat here. Still should have done that.