Trae Young Slices and Dices Miami En Route to a 50 Burger

Ice Trae has done it again, folks.

Just putting up another 50 burger while casually pulling up from the midcourt logo and crossing up Andre Iguodala into next week. It's just what he does.

And even if Trae wasn't as ridiculously entertaining as he is, everyone just loves a good 50 burger. It's a nice, round number that is simply pleasing to the brain. I can't think of a single person out there who does not love 50 burgers. And if there was a person that didn't, I imagine it would be someone who is not very fun to be around.

And if the 50 points weren't enough, Young did so shooting 8-15 from 3-point range. He's probably the only player in the league who can take 15 threes and have that probably be too few. The rest of the NBA knows what is coming down the tracks in the next couple years and every other team is terrified of what this Hawks team with another top five pick will look like next season and beyond.

But for now, just enjoy the burgers.