Colonel Sanders Ain't Got Shit On This Legend

When it comes to frying chicken or camel(?) or really anything for that matter, it all comes down to two key things. The first is that you always need to season your flour. If you're just going to dip a chicken breast in some eggs and then dredge it with some unseasoned all purpose flour, you might as well just buy a pack of Tyson chicken from the frozen food section of the grocery store. Clearly this beast has bountiful seasoning in his flour, as well as plenty of aromatics in his marinade. Top notch stuff here. 

The second thing--and this one is probably the most important so I hope you're all listening--is to scream as loud as possible whilst completing each step of the recipe. The more pissed off you sound, the more the flavor intensifies. You wanna be some happy-go-lucky Southern gentleman with a smooth twang while you're in the kitchen? You'll make some decent fried chicken, sure. But if you really want to bump it up to the next level, you've gotta go full Mortal Kombat on that cook. FINISH HIM!!!! 

And lastly, it doesn't hurt to look like the biggest hype beast on the planet in the process. What a look, Chef. Absolute monster fit. 

P.S. - Not quite on this man's level yet, but not too mad with the way this batch came out.