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Please Mic Up Baseball Players More!!!

This is a step in the right direction for Major League Baseball. How do we market players and branch their personalties out to the public? Let them be themselves, mic them up, and create these kind of videos. Why do you think something like Hard Knocks works so well for the NFL? We get to see and hear what the players are saying when they're not in front of a podium being asked wallpaper boring questions. People eat this shit up. We're simple. Players are loose in Spring Training right now, let's see all of it right this second. 

This is fun! Hearing Tyler Wade fuck around in the field brings a smile to my face. Seeing Gardner destroy Wade's hoodie for no reason at all is hilarious. Listening to Tommy Kahnle scream and make unintelligible noises is all I've ever wanted. My brain is so small and this kind of stuff is perfect for it. 

Sure this blog doesn't exactly apply to non-Yankees fans, but if all of your teams were doing this and putting out these kind of videos you'd love it too. As a kid I tuned into FOX every Saturday morning for 'This Week in Baseball.' It was my favorite part of the entire week. 30 minutes of pure fun. Things were so much simpler back then. I'd watch 'This Week in Baseball', play in my own little league game, and then I'd make it home in time to catch the Yankees playing the Red Sox at 4:00 with Buck and McCarver on the call.  You could not script a better Saturday for me if you tried. Girls? Non-existent. Home work? Save that shit for Sunday night. Work? Not a thing. If I could travel back to a time to be happy it would be that not a doubt in my mind. 

This is a step in growing the game. Let the players be themselves and build around it. 

More of this!