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These Insane Celtics Stats Are The Very Definition Of Orgasmic

Statistics can sometimes be misleading, you can tinker with them in a wide variety of ways to help paint a certain picture. But as Tiko Texas once said "numbers never lie" and goddamit are those some arousing numbers. Look at that shit! The Celtics have the best offense against the top 13 defenses and the third best defense against top 13 offenses? Like anyone who has watched this team so far this season knew they were really good. The record, net rating, point differential all speak for themselves. But to see that they are dominating, yes that's right I said dominating, against the best of the best is just the thing I needed to get me through today until we see them resume action tomorrow night. 

Remember when all the pundits said this offense was fucked once Kyrie left? 

Remember when all the pundits said the defense was going to be a disaster because they lost Aron Baynes and Al Horford and replaced them with Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis?

Remember when everyone thought Brad Stevens lost a step after a one disaster season?

Remember when even this very season pundits still didn't want to believe that the Celtics have the profile of a legit contender?

Now of course, none of those statistics guarantee that the Celts will have a deep postseason run. That's not the point here and anyone who suggests that's the case with any of these teams mentioned in those tweets is full of shit. The playoffs are all about health and matchups, but here's why it IS relevant to the potential success the Celts might have. Their closing schedule is loaded with really good teams. They are going to have to prove that they can beat legit opponents pretty much the rest of the way if they want to secure a top 2 seed. These numbers suggest they have as good as chance as any to take care of business. Their record and profile is what it is because they aren't just feasting on the terrible teams of the league. They are giving the business to the best of the best, on a consistent basis. These numbers back up what our eyes are telling us. 

If that doesn't have you jacked all the way up for tomorrow night then I don't know what will.