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Marathon Runner Gets Carried Across The Finish Line: AKA - Holla If You Hydrate Part II



As I mentioned earlier today I don’t think I’m really allowed to make fun of Marathon people yet?  It’s unfortunate because long time Stoolies know that “Holla If You Hydrate” is one of my top 10 favorite videos in the history of the Stool.  It was originally posted in 2008.  Reposted in 2011.  It sparked an all out war between cross country runners and myself that became part of Barstool lore.   This was all the way back when Boston was the only site on the network.   Like I wasn’t lying when I said making fun of marathoners is every bit a part of the Stool as fighting KO Barstool and posting baby dicks.  Sucks I got to keep quiet here.   Almost like god is tickling my balls a little bit.  Seriously though Holla if You Hydrate for me one time!

PS – Crawl hard or go home.





- Thanks to Devin for the pic