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"Hell Yeah" - Lane Johnson Guaranteeing 2 Wins Over Dallas Next Year Right In Skip Bayless's Dumb Idiot Face

Before we even get going here, let me just tell all of you Patriots fans out there that your "glad to see Lane Johnson is having fun" comments are all sooooooo funny and witty and I don't know how I'd ever get through the day without them. 

Now that that's out of the way, HELL YEAH. 

I'm so goddamn sick and goddamn tired of guys not wanting to give other teams "bulletin board material". Who gives a flying heck if the Dallas Cowboys see this and get all butt hurt over it? You mean to tell me that anybody with at least half of a functioning brain and a quarter of a functioning heart would rather see Lane Johnson say anything to Skip Bayless other than "we're going to kick the absolute piss out of your sorry ass Cowboys next year?". The same sunnuvabitch who gave Orlando Scandrick a platform to shit on the Eagles immediately after they cut him? For sure not. Plus, it's February so if the Dallas Cowboys needed Lane Johnson guaranteeing 2 wins against the Cowboys on Undisputed in February to fire them up the next time they play the Eagles, they're already toast. 

Go Birds.