Antonio Brown Took Another L, This Time From A Weight Machine That Dropped The HAMMER On Him On Instagram Live


Let this be yet another reminder from Antonio Brown to all the kids out there about the pitfalls that can occur when live streaming on the internet. I know it's nice being able to interact with your audience as you watch that Viewers number rise. #engagement

But there are just too many unknowns when broadcasting live to the internet. You never know when your coach may say something after a playoff win to fire up the greatest dynasty in sports a week before you play them, when you may look like a monster for yelling at your baby mama and the cops in front of your children while throwing a bag of dicks at them, or when a weight machine may go Vontaze Burfict on your ass by hitting after the whistle which turns you from Mr. Big Chest to Mr. No Neck.

Even AB's cameraman, who has probably seen and heard no shortage on craziness around Antonio, couldn't even hold in his "OHHHH" before AB let out the perfect "Dammit" likely as he made his way to another much-needed trip to the blue tent.

In all seriousness, I hope Antonio is feeling better and I patiently await the angry Instagram post at the weight machine followed by the deletion of said Instagram post followed by an apology Instagram post to the weight machine.