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Pretty Cool Pair Of Custom Jordans On Ebay For One Fund

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Ebay -These Custom made Jordan 1’s were worn by Boston Marathon bombing survivor JP Norden on the first annual Legs for Life Walk on the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. They were designed by sneaker customizer Sab_One, a Boston native. All proceeds from this auction will go directly to the Boston One Fund to help support the victims, survivors, and families directly affected by this tragedy. If there are any questions please send a messge. Also, share this auction listing with everyone you know for the money is going to a great cause. Thank You


Very cool. If these were my size I’d be all over this shit. Big time mogul sneakers for a great cause. Unfortunately 10.5 is just to small for me. I’m 11.5 with fat feet.   And yes for all the ladies wondering it’s true what they say. Big feet, big nose, big dick. Am I right or am I right?