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Texas Basketball: Catch The Fever! - Seriously, These Pictures And Videos Of The Crowd Are Depressing As Hell

You think they quit on Shaka Smart down there in Austin? This is Teas basketball we're talking about here! I know they don't have a great history, but this is Texas. They are always relevant, even though you think of football. Hell, they are even playing TCU, another Texas school. But, this is what happens when you get your ass kicked by a bad Iowa State team without Tyrese Haliburton. Not gonna help this rumor

I've talked about it before but Shaka just hasn't figured it out there. He can't recruit like Texas fans want him to recruit (guys like Mo Bamba, Jarrett Allen, etc) and run HAVOC. That's his style though. He never figured out the offense. They just were always stuck in the mud. Now you have everyone ready to move on. 

This though? Shit, those videos and pictures with under 10 minutes to tip are depressing.