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I Need A Favor: Go Vote For Blue Ox For Best Burger In Boston




Bostonburgerblog – The battle lines have been drawn, please vote for your favorite burger in Boston, er Lynn, or Cambridge. Whatever, just vote for your favorite burger to determine the best in the area. Voting starts at noon on Monday and will conclude on Wednesday at 5pm. And away we go… It’s the fifth seed from the Ketchup Bracket, The Blue OX in Lynn against the seventh seed from the Cheese Bracket, Park from Cambridge.

Okay so my buddy is the chef and owner of the Blue Ox.   I’m sure most North Shore people know it.  It’s a great restaurant in beautiful Lynn Ma.  They are in some best burger in Boston competition right now.  It’s the finals.  They’re competing vs. a place called Park.  Well what’s the point of Barstool if I can’t use it to rig online competitions for guys I’ve been buddies with since Kindergarden?   The answer is there is no point.  I almost feel bad for Park.  There is no way to see this coming or defend against it.  So go vote for Blue Ox and prove to the world the power of the Stoolies yet again.  Contest ends today at 5pm.   I tried to tweet this out, but Park is pesky.  They’ve actually increased their lead.  Now I’m taking it to the show.   If we can’t win this thing I may have to retire.




PS – Don’t even front on my sweatsuit for picture day.  Fire flames out the ass.  And yes the 2 girls front and center were the truth.  Danit Amar and Reese Spinney.  Two legit to quit.