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A UK Bowling Alley Is Having A Naked Bowling Night. Yes, They Still Have To Wear The Shoes.


It has long been a favourite activity for people of all ages - families, couples or groups or friends.

Bowling is popular day or night out, whether you're competitive or just looking to have a laugh.

I just want to start this blog off by saying that I am NOT a bowling fan. Don't get me wrong, the concept is awesome. Going out with bowling with the boys, crushing some fatty bowling alley food, putting on some shoes that feel like they were made no earlier than 1900, arcade games, sometimes you play in the dark; the list goes on and on. 

I don't even hate the sport of bowling! The main thing for me is that I'm one of the worst bowlers, maybe of all time. I can never get the motion down, which is weird considering it's literally just a straight line with your arm. I think the reason is that my arms are too skinny. So when I do that motion my arms end up going all over the place. Imagine a giraffe's neck trying to battle the wind and you have what my arms look like whilst bowling, I digress.

sidenote: even though I'm terrible at real bowling, I am ELITE at Wii Sports Bowling. Literally elite.

But for one night only the activity has taken a bit of an, err, unique turn.

You can do it naked.

The British Naturism (BN) has organized a social event in Ashford for its naked members.

The group will be at the Hollywood Bowl on March 27 from 7.30 pm until 10 pm

Umm… okay? I guess?

I won't try to speak for everyone but, to me, this honestly seems like a very bad idea. Not that people won't go, there are all sorts of weirdos that would see this as an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Bowling just seems like the wrong sport for this kind of thing. Maybe something like water polo is more up their alley.

I mean, I for one, am not trying to see some dudes dick and balls flop all over the place as he leaves the shoots his third straight gutterball. Actually, who am I kidding, these are the type of people that instantly ask for the bumpers to go up so that they don't get embarrassed by a gutter ball, unlike myself, who will shoot gutterballs until the cows come home.

A spokesman for the Hollywood Bowl Group said: "The bowling alley has been booked out for the event and will be closed to the public."

The spokesman confirmed naked bowlers would still be required to wear the bowling shoes for health & safety purposes and staff will be working as normal.

At least they'll be properly equipped to bowl. Can never forget those bowling shoes because clearly normal shoes just aren't good enough. Thankfully, it's closed off to the public so lil Nigel (UK name for a UK blog) and his mum won't walk into a hodgepodge of strangers private parts.

I wonder what the protocol is in terms of arriving for this event. Can you show up naked or do you have to strip inside so the public won't see? And what about the employees'? Are they just gonna have to stare at some strangers junk as the pour them a pint? Just so many questions about this whole thing that needs to be answered.

PS - Literally impossible for me to do a bowling blog and not include this video. All-time clip.