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Is Anyone Shocked That The Browns Lead The NFL In Marijuana Offenses?

Alright so I just blogged my thoughts on this, and now I'm seeing that the internet has their panties in a bunch because another Browns player got in trouble for having marijuana. Yes, internet, I concur that it is embarrassing and a bad look for the organization. And I too can confirm that the Browns have now had four huge name players, the most of any team in the league in recent years by the official count of my personal memory, get in trouble for weed: official conclusion: Cleveland Browns players smoke weed. But is anyone actually shocked by this revelation? People are acting like this is some sort of astonishing and appalling news. I think it's more like common knowledge. The sky is blue. The grass is green. And the Cleveland Browns players are so stressed out by the constant losing and public embarrassment that they resort to the drug that is known to relieve anxiety, fear, and negative feelings.

Oh my god. I'm stunned......not.

I mean, it's not just the Browns players itching to smoke weed. The fans literally started a petition to use being a Browns fan as a condition to qualify for medical marijuana.

That decision is WRONG. Do you know what it's like to be from Cleveland? That in itself should qualify you to use any drug you want. But to specifically be a die-hard Browns fan? Your insurance should cover everything from medical marijuana to visits with your psychiatrist. Mental health is a real thing, folks.

So yeah, I just don't understand why the internet is acting like they are all some sort of private investigators that are just now discovering that there's a correlation between being on the Browns and smoking weed. Uhhhhh, ya think? Let's try and solve a bigger mystery today, you guys. How about this one: why did the Cavs hire a college head coach / dictator and then get mad when he treated the team like he was a college head coach / dictator? Riddle me that one.