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Greg Robinson Has Been Arrested By Border Patrol For Intending To Sell A LOT Of Weed

Cleveland Browns lineman Greg Robinson -- the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft -- is in custody after officials say he was found with A LOT of marijuana at a border patrol checkpoint.

The Cleveland Browns are literally a comedy movie. There's no other way to put it. I mean, this dude made $6,000,000 last season and still finds it necessary to sell drugs? The report says that he's now in custody near the Mexican border facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute. I don't know the facts and figures of it all yet, but I love that the report says he had "a bunch of weed". You cannot make this stuff up. This kind of stuff only seems to happen in Cleveland.....where we loveeeeeeeee the weed.

And now big Greg Robinson. What was that thing about John Dorsey only caring about talent and not about character? Ridiculous. If that were true, why would he bring in Kareem Hunt? Oh wait....

And although Dorsey's now gone, here's my two cents for the new GM: I don't think it's a good correlation that we consistently fill our roster with bad dudes, and then we still lose. Either let's win with these convicts or let's start signing church choir boys and continue to get our asses kicked, but at least with quality people!

I will say this though in defense of the Browns: despite the report calling him a Browns lineman, Greg Robinson is actually an unrestricted free agent and the Browns have no intentions of bringing him back. Especially not now. So I guess the real story here is that TMZ needs to hop off and get their facts straight.

TMZ: quit finding Kareem Hunt police videos and incorrectly It's giving the highly respected Browns organization a bad name! Either come up with the Mason Rudolph / Myles Garrett audiotapes or get our team's name out of your mouth.