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It Sure Looks Like Kyrie Irving Is Going To Be Dodging The Nets Final Game In Boston

Listen, you can be a Celtics fan and hate Kyrie like poison for what he did during his final year in Boston. That is perfectly normal. But it does suck when one of the best talents in the league pretty much loses an entire season due to injury. I'm not a doctor and I don't really know what a detrioration in the shoulder means, but I thought Kyrie was out because of his sprained knee that he suffered back on February 1st. What was he doing while fucked up that hurt his shoulder? I imagine he wasn't participating in basketball activities because why would you mess around with knee injuries, so did it happen lifting? That whole thing seems weird to me. 

Honestly, the entire Kyrie fiasco in Brooklyn this year has been weird. His numbers are typical Kyrie numbers, yet the team didn't win when he played. Then, about a week before they were set to play in Boston for the first time since he left, they announced his injury and that he wasn't even going to travel. That felt weak at the time, and it turned out he missed 26 games. OK sure. But here we are again two weeks and 7 games out from the Nets making their final trip to Boston for the year, and Kyrie once again is out indefinitely and my guess is probably won't make the trip if he's still out come March 3rd. Remember what happened the last time?

How do you think things are going to go in the Garden if he dips AGAIN? Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it is a little weird that another injury keeps popping up right around the time Kyrie is due back in Boston. How much of this is Kyrie just shutting things down until KD gets back? The Nets are in a race with ORL for the 7/8 seed so it's not like this is a lost season or anything. This team is going to make the playoffs. I would certainly hope that Kyrie is truly 100% hurt and he isn't just punting on the season because Durant isn't there. That would be big time fucked up and not exactly something a "leader" would do. 

Back when the Celts first traded for Kyrie one of my biggest fears was his health. Before he got to Boston he had just as many seasons playing under 60 games than he did 70+. Then he played in 60 and 67 games his only two years, missing the entire postseason his first year due to injury. That's the risk you get when you commit to Kyrie, and this season is another example of a guy who might just be injury prone. He's played just 20 games this season, and my guess is he plays 10 more games max this regular season. The Nets are locked into 3 more years of this, and so far the return on their investment hasn't been all that great. 

I think we can all agree the longer Kyrie waits to return to Boston, the worse things are going to get. He's going to get killed even more if he never shows his face in the Garden until he has Durant by his side, and frankly that's entirely possible. The only way that doesn't happen is if he's healthy in the playoffs and we get a BOS/BKN series. I think we can forget BKN jumping up to the 6 seed since they are 6 back of IND, so BOS is going to have to catch TOR for the 2, which they are 1.5 games behind as of today.