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Washington DC's Last Video Rental Store Has Finally Closed

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Post - Anne Marie Haynes walked into Potomac Video on a recent afternoon, just as she has done nearly every week for the past 20 years. But this time, “going out of business” signs were taped to the front door. All of the store’s 60,000 DVDs had been marked for final sale. “Oh my God, this is so bad, ” the Cleveland Park resident said. “I’ve been coming here ever since they opened, every Friday night. Why did it have to close?” The closing of Potomac Video, the last-standing video store in Washington, after 33 years marks the end of an industry that for many local residents fizzled years ago. The rise of Netflix, the popularity of streaming video and the ubiquitous presence of on-demand television channels have slowly eroded the movie rental industry, analysts say. Nationally, the number of video stores has dropped drastically, to 6,650 in 2011 from 17,828 in 2006, according to the Census Bureau. In its heyday, Potomac Video had 24 stores, and its flagship in the District’s Chevy Chase neighborhood brought in $1 million a year. But recently, there were times when monthly sales barely covered the store’s overhead costs of $25,000.

And the last dinosaur has died. First they came for the porn theaters, and nobody said anything. And now we no longer have video stores. Sad day for anyone, but not really that sad. Who wants to have to go into a store to do anything anymore? Sitting on the couch and ordering a movie is about the best thing you can do. Having to talk to some jerk at Blockbuster making 6 dollars an hour was a big “no thanks” from the kid. I feel pretty much the same way about going out to eat at this point. It’s just so much easier to go online and order food rather than having to sit and do those phony restaurant things. The stupid small talk with the waiter, sitting way too close to other tables that your conversation ultimately becomes a continuation of theirs, and then you tip for shitty service just because you’ll feel bad if you don’t. Oh and the thing I hate the most is the fake voice ALL waitresses use. They get all high pitched like “how are you doingggggg” as if they are a 4 year old at church, it’s so fake I hate it so much.

PS: Whenever I see a bookstore I let out a little snicker, cause those motherfuckers are next. Then Best Buy aka Amazon’s show room. Technology rules, stores drool!