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Does Mark Richt Not Know He's Rich?

So it's apparently Mark Richt's birthday today. A great Christian man and tremendously underachieving football coach. I hope his life is going well since his retirement from coaching.

But Mark ... what in the actual hell is this? On his birthday *this* is what he so desperately craves? Take your steak and lobster dinner and shove it, Coach Richt needs hot dog delight. I wasn't too sure what this exactly even was, but thankfully Richt has explained his favorite meal in the past.

I can't believe this is the favorite meal of a multi-millionaire. That sounds like something a 10-year-old in Kentucky during the Depression would have been excited to get during Christmas. And while Richt's personality makes it not all too surprising his favorite meal would be beans poured over a makeshift hot dog, he actually had some great food tips in the past.

There has never been someone with a more efficient way to down a sandwich in recorded history — and it came from the man who's obsessed with hot dog delight. The true duality of man.

Anyway, I hope Coach Rich had a great birthday and enjoyed his hot dog delight without thinking of when he gave up a 24-3 lead in Knoxville in 2015.