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The People's Kicker Younghoe Koo Is Back in Atlanta

KOOOOOOOOO! The People's Kicker is back with the Atlanta Falcons.

Do I wish the free agency news the Falcons were posting was about the team having re-signed Austin Hooper, one of the most versatile offensive weapons in the National Football League? Why yes I do, thank you for asking. But I suppose the return of Younghoe will have to suffice for today.

In addition to making 15 of 16 field goal attempts in 2019, Koo established himself as apparently the ebst onside kicker of all-time.

If Dan Quinn could get half the players on the defense to be as good at tackling and coverage as Koo is at onside kicks, we'd be cooking with gas. But even before making it to the NFL, Younghoe was the creator of one of the internet's finest viral clips, particularly as it relates to kicking footballs.

I don't understand how anybody does that, but I suppose that's one of the several reasons I'm not an NFL kicker. Anyway, congratulations to Younghoe on getting another year with the Falcons after struggling with the Chargers and playing in the short-lived AAF. This guy just wants a chance to play football.

Now do Austin Hooper, @AtlantaFalcons.