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So I Guess There's a Chance Nene Will Be Suspended For Ripping Lil Jimmy Butler's Head Off?

Wizards big man Nene was ejected in the fourth quarter of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference first round after getting into a scuffle with Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler. The incident happened midway through the fourth quarter of the Bulls’ 100-97 win after a basket. The Bulls led 78-76 at the time. The pair exchanged some heated words, going forehead to forehead with one another. Nene then grabbed the back of Butler’s head, and a scuffle ensued. It didn’t appear that punches were thrown, but after the officials reviewed tape of the altercation, Nene was thrown out of the game and Butler was given a technical. Asked about the possibility of being suspended by the league for Sunday’s Game 4 in Washington, Nene replied: “I don’t know.” “I have nothing to regret,” he said. “I’m a warrior right there. What I did, I’m supposed to do.”

Last night while watching the game, I didn’t even think there was a possibility he’d be suspended. Was pretty shocked he was even ejected from the game. Guess that’s what happens when you need to protect little bitches like Jimmy Butler from grown men like Nene. The NBA is legit concerned Nene was going to pull lil Jimmy’s head right off his neck. Big Cat is doing some schtick where he’s saying Nene was scared of Butler or some shit, which anyone with two eyes and a brain realizes is bullshit. Not really sure what video he’s watching, because if you have the aforementioned two eyes you see Nene was 2 seconds from punting Jimmy’s head into the 3rd row. So I guess now the NBA might suspend him and the Wizards will play game 4 without him on Sunday. Not ideal, but not the end of the world. If anything is clear from this series, it’s that the Bulls are not very good. They needed fucking Mike Dunleavy to score 35 points last night and shoot as pure as possible to have a chance. That never happened before, and obviously won’t happen again. Losing last night sucked, but it’s not the end of the world. The Wizards are the better team.