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Yikes! UFC Anchor Karyn Bryant Asks UFC Champ Henry Cejudo To Stop Calling Aljamain Sterling - "Aljamima" - For It Is Racist

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, I'm gonna have to agree with Karyn here - that's racist.

I know Henry Cejudo's whole "King of Cringe" gimmick is the cutesy little nicknames for everyone, and he likely didn't mean this with maliciously racist intent, but you still can't take it there. You can't just refer to a black dude as a play on "Aunt Jemima" and expect that to fly. I mean - it's #2 on Wikipedia's list of "Anti-African and Anti-Black Slurs", you absolute dope! This is a common sense thing!

Putting Henry's stupidity aside for a second - I really wanna know why he's been given the leniency he has as UFC Champion. He's an exciting and supremely talent fighter, sure, but he's not a draw, and is now at the point that he's refusing to fight any rightful contenders for his title or fighters that'd make sense. He's flat out asking for tune-up fights and they're being set up, apparently...

I'll try to get more clarity on that the next time I sit down with Dana White. I don't know who was clamoring for 0-2 in his last 2 Jose Aldo getting a shot at the 135lb Championship tho. 

Anyway, yeah. Get in the box Henry. You can't do that.