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Chaps' Morning Thinkin About Blog

This morning, I wanna try something new. Just to let you all in on what I'm thinkin bout. I'm just sitting here and drinking a tall glass of coffee whilst minding my own business. Next thing you know, Jesse and Rippers pop into my mind and I'm taken aback. This, my friends. This is a ballad. We don't get music like this anymore (Lost in the Woods from Frozen 2 notwithstanding). 

It feels like current TV shows focus on things that don't matter. We'll see season after season of shows like Game of Thrones. They'll develop some plot that is set over the course of many climes and places. They'll have dragon eggs and people walking out of burning huts with their tits out holding those same dragon eggs in order to signify that the person with her tits out is the mother of dragons. They'll have sisters and brothers getting it on all over the place. The brother will lose his hand and fall in love kinda with a tall lady who is a knight. Woke yet reasonable. She's well-trained and deserves the title. They'll have some hot lady turn into a not hot lady (once again with her tits out) just because she removed some necklace with powers while she was in the bath! People will create shows like that but they won't try to make a ballad like Jesse and the Rippers did. Why not? Probably because they cant. You cant recreate magic unless it's magic like Melisandre's magic at the Battle of Winterfell in Season 8 of game of thrones. You remember. 

Pretty cool. Anyway, when it comes to Jesse and the Rippers, there's basically two schools of thought. Some say that the original video (as seen at the top of the blog) is best. Others say that the wedding version is superior. Here's that version. 

As for me, I refuse to get involved in the semantics of all that. I chose to love both versions EQUALLY. I think that's an important distinction. We could talk about Jesse and the Rippers for HOURS and HOURS. Trust me. I have. I will and have always arrived at the same conclusion. I love both versions exactly equally. It's unreal how equal it really is. People say, "Chaps, your love for these two song versions is sugar."

I say. No. It's not sugar. It's equal. They laugh because that joke is a sweetener substitute joke which are really rare. People fucking love those, not as much as they love Jesse and the Rippers though. That's for sure. 

Good work, everyone. 

"Chaps! Chaps. Before you go, what made you think of Jesse and the Rippers this morning?"

Oh. It was this tweet. 

I was torn between Jesse and the Rippers and one of the songs from Saved by the Bell's Zack Attack. 

That song fucking slaps too. I pulled that up on youtube expecting to see some great comments, but what do you know... the first comment is disgusting! 

If you need to shave your pubes, go to with the promo code zero! 

Anyway, that's what I'm thinkin bout this morning.