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Get Ozzie Guillen Back In Baseball

This is ipso facto Ozzie Guillen week at Barstool Chicago as we had him in our office for a good 5 hours recording shit last week that's almost ready to trickle out.  I'm the only Sox fan in the office out of 6 total people (Intern DC doesn't watch sports but we'll call him a Cubs fan anyways) and every last one of those guys wanted to run through a brick wall for Ozzie.  Dude is a leader of men and he needs to be managing again.  Baseball is better with Ozzie Guillen in the game. 

RLR Ozzie Guillen Part I comes out Thursday, but until then get primed for it by watching some of Ozzie's greatest hits.  Oh, and make sure you subscribe to our show because this is unfiltered Ozzie and he NEEDS to be in baseball again