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Chris Davis Has Been So Bad That He Contemplated Retiring And Walking Away From $69 Million

If you have paid attention to baseball over the last few seasons, this story won't come as a surprise to you. Chris Davis, who in 2018 set the record for worst batting average for a qualified player in MLB History, says he had thoughts and chatted with his wife about retiring during the offseason. Just a peak at his numbers over the past 4 seasons since signing that horrible 7 years, $161 million contract show why. In those 4 years since re-upping with Orioles, a .189 average, a combined 92 homers, 357 hits, 745(!!!!!) strikeouts, only 229 walks, and has only played in 518 out of a possible 648 games. This deal has already gone down as one of the worst signings in sports history. Everyone in Baltimore is counting down the days until his contract is up, but it sounds like he may be cutting it short if he has another bad season, which is to be expected. A bad 4 years isn't a slump, it's a track record. He's by far been the worst PLAYER in baseball, and it really hasn't been close. Davis ultimately decided not to step away because he says he "thinks that there is something left in the tank." Well there can't be any less in the tank. 

He showed up on the exact day that position players needed to be in Sarasota, not a day sooner, and that has ruffled some feathers. But we're already hearing the dog and pony show with him. Manager Brandon Hyde was saying's in great shape, because of course he is. It's obvious that him being so bad has been weighing on him, whether it was last year with him trying to fight his manager, Brandon Hyde, in the dugout, the record breaking stretch of at-bats last season when he didn't get a hit, the extended benchings, if its not one negative thing with Chris, it's another. So him saying he contemplated retirement isn't a surprise. But I don't think there is anyway he cuts things short before his deal is up. He's got about $69 million left on his deal that runs through 2023, PLUS another $24 million in deferred money that runs through 2037, according to Joe Trezza of Why the hell would you leave that amount of money on the table and walk away? He'd actually have to be an idiot to dip out on that type of money. This team is in a rebuild, and part of the reason they are is Davis' deal. It handcuffed them from making other deals, and they have no one to blame but themselves. Davis did say he'll revisit this same thought if he has another below average 2019, which I'd bet money on happening. But who knows, maybe he will actually do what he said he's been doing, and trying to get better. 

He's on my favorite team ever, so I want to support him. But he's like your fat friend who says he wants to lose weight, but still has that double cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and a large coke every night. Can't get better if you don't try. I want him to do well, I really do. But there is no chance in hell he walks away from that much money left. He’ll ride it out on the bench and get that far check. At least it looks like he's attempting to change his stance?

He's trying!