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I Don't Want, I Need Coach Cal To Offer A Scholarship To The Kid Version Of Patrick Beverley Right This Instant

This kid can play on my team any day of the week. In fact, if Calipari and Kenny Payne aren't out in Oregon today sitting down with this kid and offering him a scholarship what are we even doing? Look at this. Let's start with the effort. You think you have a fastbreak layup? Not with this kid around. He pretty much broke out the 10-year old version of blocked by James. 

Yeah I want my guards hustling back and protecting the rim. But how about my dude here chest bumping the kid who he just swatted to the moon? THAT'S WHO I WANT ON MY TEAM. Go give him a scholarship right this second. Talk to him about reclassifying so he can get to college quicker. Give me a dude who will talk his shit. 

Do I care if every ref in college hoops will threaten to kick him out of the sport for eternity because he talks shit? Nope, makes me want him to be a Kentucky Wildcat even more. I want someone who will talk shit. I want someone who will get in the face of an opponent, even at the age of 10. 

Don't want, need this little Patrick Beverley wearing blue and white.