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Alex Bregman And Jose Altuve Should Voluntarily Go In The Boo Box Before The Home Run Derby

I've been thinking about this Astros ordeal a lot lately. It seems as though Hubbs and Jared keep tweeting about it and talking about it and I'm not sure why. This story is so old now. 2017? Folks, that'd be like making Hilary Clinton memes and acting as if they are relevant. It's in the past! Let's put it behind us and move on. Spring Training is underway and there's plenty to be excited for. 

That being said, it doesn't feel like this Astros story is going anywhere anytime soon. People want the title stripped and all that. No way. That punishment never makes sense. Reggie Bush is still the Heisman winner no matter what anyone says. Pete Rose is still the hits king. Barry Bonds is still the home run king. You cant change the past with a wave of the wrist. It just simply doesn't work that way. The players were already told nothing would happen to them by baseball and you can't take that back now either. 

What if though. What if some of the main Astros players volunteered to get Boo Boxed? Would that help? 

Imagine the content. Imagine seeing Jose and Alex get into the boo box. It would be unreal. They should do it before the home run derby this year. Have a boo box at the mound and Bregman and Altuve have to stay in the boo box while Trout and Judge hit in the 1st round. The longer they hit bombs, they longer the villains stay in the boo box. It would be must-watch television. It would be wrestling mixed with baseball. It would be watched by millions. It'd be a real on-field punishment where people like Hubbs get the taste for blood the so desperately want. Yu Darvish could drop the scorpion in the boo box. It would be incredible. 

Did I just save baseball and the Astros with the boo box? Feels like I did.