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Things Cleveland Loves: Losing Games And Paying Coaches Millions Of Dollars NOT To Coach

Alright so Reags blogged late last night about how Woj and others are reporting that John Beilein is probably done in Cleveland, and although he signed a 5-year contract before this season, he may be gone as soon as today. The man made it to the All-Star break. I commend him for that. Because while only lasting half the season may be embarrassing for most organizations and most cities, only having to pay this guy for 4.5 more years is not too bad in Cleveland! The Browns and Cavs both sharea favorite past-time of losing (except when we had LeBron), but their second favorite hobby is to pay people to NOT work. Specifically talking about our basketball team, in the last 11 seasons, our longest tenured coach has been Byron Scott. He lasted less than three seasons....

Don't confuse this with the Browns, who have had 7 head coaches in this same time period since Eric Mangini was fired in 2010. But this blog is about basketball. And I'd like to thank the heavenly father that the greatest basketball player of all time was made in a genetic laboratory just 25 minutes from downtown Cleveland and was able to carry us on his back to 4 straight finals and an NBA title, or else this Cavs organization could truly be a bigger laughing stock than the Browns. This team stinks and has a 0.00% chance of getting better. I don't care who the coach is. Because the way the NBA works nowadays, the team from Cleveland will NEVER win. Like even if all these early draft picks we've had recently pan out like Sexton and Garland and Porter Jr. and Windler, what's our ceiling? If they're good enough, they'll leave when they can. No one wants to play in Cleveland. And there's no way we entice any big time free agent to come play here and form a super team. Kevin Love hates it. Andre Drummond acted upset with Detroit showing him no loyalty, but the real reason is he was sent to the other city worse to play in. No way he's here next year, either. The Cavs are stuck in a spot where they will never be able to win another championship, unless we have another Ohio born kid become the greatest player of all time and want to win a championship for the city. Oh, and hopefully our owner doesn't piss him off too bad before he comes to do that.

Speaking of our owner, welcome back to work, Mr. Gilbert!

I find it hilarious that on the very evening that it was reported that Dan Gilbert is getting back in the mix, just hours later it drops that John Beilein is probably done. Is Gilbert the one making this call? I know Beilein is unhappy, but he is getting paid like the world trade to be here. I think he can manage being unhappy. And don't you think the always meddling owner we have has his hand in this somehow? If so, I'm not shocked but I'm once again disappointed in him and his inability to just chill out and let the basketball people do their thing. Even though he's the reason Beilein is even here in the first place, which was a stupid idea to start...

Like, no shit the authoritative college basketball coach didn't fit in the NBA. Everyone in the world knew that except apparently Dan Gilbert and John Beilein. And while I'm still a huge Beilein fan and I'm sure he's going to make his new college team really, really happy here soon, I can't help but ask myself: what is Dan Gilbert's problem? Bring this dude in....he's exactly what everyone thought he'd be....and then get rid of him? Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam are really working hard to get that worst owner in Cleveland sports award. The Dolan's have to be smiling somewhere today. They can't sign Francisco Lindor, even though he seems interested, and they're still the best owners we have right now. 

Oh, and to the people saying they feel sorry for Beilein because he left a top tier job and is now about to be out of a job: shut up. This dude is about to make more money than I'll ever seen in my life to sit on his couch. And I'm sure he'll have his choice of the very best college openings each offseason until he chooses one, too. The man is going to be just fine.