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Mookie Betts Sends Out A Video Message Thanking Boston

Landed in Arizona last night, woke up this morning for Day 1 of the Spikes Up Tour and this is the shit I gotta see.

Oh, you think I'm crying? You wanna lap up some tears over here? Ain't happening. My eyes are dry as fuck. Watch the video again. By my count, I've got zero goodbyes, zero farewells, nada. Just a thank you. And you know what, Mookie? You're welcome. I'm out here eating bullets, blogging my dick off to defend against the fans that called him greedy for simply wanting what he was worth, and logically explaining how trading David Price and Mookie Betts gets the Red Sox under the luxury tax threshold so that it resets and then they can go out and spend freely next offseason. For those keeping score at home, that's when Mookie becomes a free agent.

If you think this video is a sign that he's not coming back to Boston -- think again, stupid. What's Mookie gonna do, say goodbye to Boston a year after the trade if he signs somewhere else? Is he gonna say goodbye and then potentially sign back here a year later? Makes no sense. You say "thank you" now just in case, and then the book officially shuts if he gets locked up by another team somewhere over the next year.

I'll state this point one more time -- one cannot fairly judge the Mookie Betts trade until he puts ink to paper on a free agent contract with another team or signs an extension with the Dodgers, which he said he isn't even thinking about. If he signs elsewhere, I will have harsh words for the Red Sox. Until that day comes, if it ever comes, my assessment of the trade is incomplete. Because if he re-signs with Boston, which is still very much a possibility, then we will obviously all have a completely different outlook on how the Red Sox navigated the (fair) financial demands of a one Markus Lynn Betts.

Enjoy your one-year rental, LA.