Duncan The Two-Legged Boxer Goes to the Beach For The First Time. You Have To See To Believe What Happens Next!



Duncan is back!   I love this guy!    Probably my favorite dog on the internet right now.   2 legs and just doesn’t give a fuck.   Enjoying every second out of life.  Running around without a care in the world.  Probably thinks the dogs with 4 legs are the disabled ones.  Love his whole freaking attitude.   I’m trying to think what a 2-legged cat would do if you took him to the beach.  Probably pretend to drown and then when you go into the water to save him he would stab you in the heart with a sharp rock, jump on your head and drown you.   Then slowly saunter out of the ocean with 4 healthy legs like he’s Kayser Sose.   Fucking cats.