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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


FloridaA 34-year-old substitute teacher is facing charges after she allegedly sent a student inappropriate text messages. A 16-year-old Baker County High School student is claiming a substitute teacher, 34-year-old Leila Jean Wilford sent him inappropriate messages using a “Kik” messenger account… the victim claims Wilford said on Kik she wanted to know what it was like to kiss someone with braces on. The victim also said he is the only one in class with braces, so he felt Wilford meant she wanted to kiss him. Wilford also allegedly told the victim her husband didn’t do it for her anymore. The victim admitted to sending a picture of himself without a shirt on to Wilford and asked to see Wilford’s boobs, the report detailed. The victim also told law enforcement Wilford implied she wanted to have sex with him and allegedly said she wanted him to drive her far away so they could do crazy things like when she was his age, like drinking and smoking… the victim was taking screen shots and Snapchatted them to his girlfriend, who shared them with her father. The girlfriend’s father suggested to the victim that he turn Wilford in. In an interview with law enforcement, Wilford said she likes helping people and did not believe she had crossed any lines… Wilford alleged she never asked the victim for sex and never meant for the victim to think she wanted to have sex with him, according to the BCSO report. Wilford was arrested and charged with obscene communication.

As they’re fond of saying in Florida: Good job, Leila Wilford.  Good effort.  But all this flirting and hinting around and suggestive Kik texts isn’t going to get it done in the Sex Scandal Teacher State.  They’ve got higher standards that that.  No wonder you’re just a sub.  Substitute sex scandal, substitute teacher.  If you want to make it in the big leagues, you don’t accept shirtless texts from a student, you send them.  A kid asks for a boob shot, you give him a boob shot.  You don’t just talk about macking on a kid with braces, you get it done.  In Yoda’s words, try not.  Do you must.  I mean, little harmless flirting is barely enough to damage your husband’s dignity.  If you really want to cuckhold the man, you gotta be all in and stop screwing around with this misdemeanor “obscene communication” nonsense. Go bang or go home.

The Grades:
Works for me.  I’m not suggesting Leila is one of the greats.  She’s no Alicia Gray.  She is however the mom you’d Facebook friend if you were coaching her kid and Like all her pictures and tell her lies about how good her kid is so you can hit on her at the breakup party.  She’s a Florida SST 5, which makes her a Massachusetts mom 7.5. Grade: B-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Again, I appreciate the utter recklessness of bad mouthing her husband on Kik to some 16 year old geek in braces.  Especially a kid so socially awkward he feels the need to screencap the texts and show them to his girlfriend.  But the lack of anything even close to actually sex has to cost her big points. Grade: D
Kudos to her for delivering one of the best pickup lines in the history of these stories.  If SST Nation ever has a flag, “I want to see what it’s like to kiss someone with braces on” might be on it like “Don’t tread on me.” Grade: A
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