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Jed Lowrie Confirmed (Mostly) Alive In Spring Training!

I've seen enough! I am officially ready to declare all the bad juju of the 2019 season behind us now that we have proof of life for Jed Lowrie before Opening Day. Don't let the New York Metropolitans get hot! 

It doesn't matter that we never found out what exactly was wrong with Jed's knee leg LEFT SIDE OF HIS HUMAN last year

Or that his brace is so big, it may or may not be hiding an actual robotic leg

Jed Lowrie simply fielding ground balls, no matter how slow his lateral movement is or squeaky the gears in his new leg are, has me believing that maybe things will be different this year. Maybe Edwin Diaz can shake the boogeyman in his head or Jeurys Familia can convert back to pre-World Series 2015 Familia, and...well pretty much I'm just gonna take Lowrie showing a pulse that the bullpen isn't shit this season because they almost killed me last year. But seeing signs of life from a super utility player that can go anywhere when he isn't sitting on the DL/in a doctor's office is a great way to start the season, even if the brace is the only thing keeping him alive.

Also I want a Get Out Of Jail Free card from Old Takes Exposed for this tweet from a year ago.