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Zillion Beers Update - Need $1.5Mil to Get Us To Vegas/We'll Get Married if We Hit 2Mil


Here's a recap of yesterday:

Kara was supposed to go home at 11 AM. We moved it to 5 PM. Then we just cancelled that bitch because we need her here.

Fantastic idea by Biz. But we don't have time for that chump change. I know Biz is notoriously cheap but come on bud. 

While I appreciate ABP trying to get involved, good Lord dude. That was the slowest yug in the history of yugs. Clean it up.

Absolute buckets of a cannonball. Anything to sling t shirts.

Getting fitted for the big date night. Thanks Biz.

Rocket ship to the moon. Third picture may be the hottest photo I've ever taken.

Thanks Biz.

What is this idiot even saying. Like actually. I dont understand. Cant wait to go to pound town on his ugly face/ex-gf.

I cannot WAIT for my first real Bills tailgate. This is gonna be amazing.

How did I just see this. What the fuck was that Riggsy. 

Keep buying. This is likely the last day for the foot on the pedal approach, so I'm sorry that I'm clogging everybody's feeds (I'm not sorry). But we gotta get to Vegas!!!!!

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Love you all,

Dana B