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Georgia Basketball Team Rules Are Such A Buzzkill

021409_UGAvFLA_002 – Some journalism students at the University of Maryland recently investigated what different colleges are doing to monitor student-athletes’ social media accounts. The students sent requests for documents pertaining to social media and other policies and shared the results with the Student Press Law Center. The University of Georgia’s policies for its men’s basketball team, including more than just social media rules, came as part of the records request. The most noteworthy aspect of it involved the team’s policies on how to ”Treat women with respect.”

Among the policies detailed:

You don’t own your girlfriend.
Birth control is your responsibility too.
Never assault or intimidate a woman.
Don’t spend all of your energy in the bed all night
Hicky’s/passion marks should not be ever noticed by coaches
One. Not two or three girlfriends.

First of all how stupid is Georgia? Why would you send your team rules to some journalism geeks at Maryland? You’re basically asking for trouble doing shit like that. Keep that shit inhouse. But more importantly how big of a buzzkill is the Georgia coach? I mean let’s go through these rules.

1. You don’t own your girlfriend.

Umm pretty sure when you’re a bigtime D1 athlete you most definitely own your girlfriend.    She’s just as much your property as the pair of pants your wearing.

2. Birth control is your responsibility?

That’s just a lie. Babies don’t grow inside dudes. That’s not me talking. That’s science.

3. Never assault or intimidate a woman.

1,000 percent agree.  You shouldn’t assault or intimate women.  Preach.

4. Don’t spend all of your energy in the bed all night

I wish I could spend all my energy in bed. It’s 3 seconds and peace out for me. But if a dude can last all night then who is coach buzzkill to rain on their parade?