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Lee Brice Asked Me To Play The Drums For Him Last Night

We often find ourselves in the middle of surreal moments here at Barstool. In my 3 1/2 years here it seems like one happens every week, but last night was just about the craziest moment yet. 

Last night I went to see Lee Brice play on Long Island. Lee and his band absolutely tore the house down... they’re outrageously good live. Anyway, I had met Lee and his tour manager Philip a couple months ago at Kevin Kisner’s charity golf event so after the show I popped into Lee’s bus to say hi to the guys. Once I got on the bus I saw all this equipment set up. Lee had guitars, keyboards and and electric drum kit all hooked up and ready to go. I walk over to Lee, he daps me up and goes “we just wrote a song this morning, wanna lay the drum track?” I mean, what?

So I got on the drums and nervously tried to play along to a song that not only had I never heard, but most of the people on his bus never heard either. 

I thought it was super interesting they can record songs like that on their bus. Lee was saying it gives them the option to just come up with ideas whenever or wherever they want and actually lay the tracks right away. 

Now obviously they’re not going to use my shitty drumming for their brand new song...Especially since they have Donnie Marple who is one of my favorite drummers in the world right now (his Instagram is filled with him just murdering the drums). I said to everyone on that bus, all I need is one beat. Just leave one of my snare hits in that song when it eventually comes out and my life will be complete. 

The song, which doesn’t even have a name yet, is absolutely fire. It will be an instant hit once it comes out. And when it does come out I’ll release the full video of me playing the whole song so you can see just how bad I am compared to whatever Donnie decides to do on the song.