Trevor Bauer Continues To Give Absolutely Zero Fucks As He Resumes His Onslaught Against The Cheating Houston Astros

Trevor Bauer and Cody Bellinger are locked in a heated two man race for the title of my favorite non-Yankee baseball player. Both guys despise the existence of the Astros and can't stand that pussy Rob Manfred. Bauer and Cody are using their platform to call out Major League Baseball for handling this scandal as horrible as they have. As a result of that, they're gaining tons and tons of respect from the fans, the media, and the players. 

They're not letting this go away, to Rob Manfred's dismay. They keep pressing and opening the doors for other players to speak up. It's beautiful and I hope it keeps going into the season. In fact, I know it will. Trevor Bauer chimed in with his video earlier in the week and continued with the same energy today at Reds Spring Training. 

Buckle up...

FINE HIM MANFRED I DARE YOU! Also there's no way any Astros players actually reached out right? None of them have the balls to do that. It's a damn shame the Dodgers or Reds don't play Houston this year. I guess the Yankees will have to do the heavy lifting which is fine by me. 

Quick PSA to anyone saying we should move on and stop being salty. This is the NUMBER ONE story in sports right now. Every player is furious and it shows by the day. This is also indirectly helping the sport in a fucked up way by constantly drawing attention to it. The offseason was wild and there's now a true villain that fans will pay attention to and root against. To say we should stop covering it shows how stupid you are. You're just as bad as Manfred himself.