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Taking You Into The Weekend With The Best All Star Game Plays Of The Decade

The time has finally come for the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend. We kick things off with the Celebrity Game which will probably be terrible but you'll watch anyway. Hopefully this year gives us some impressive moments, I'm curious about the new addition to the three point contest and the Dunk Contest has some dudes who can fly. In terms of the actual game, LeBron's team is fucking stacked and my only wish is that everyone tries. That probably won't happen but a guy can dream.

I figured what better way to get ready for the big weekend than to relive some of the best All Star Game plays over the last decade. What else are you going to do, work? Nonsense. We're saying goodbye to basketball for 8 days so this is all we have to hold us over until games start back up again. So go ahead and sit back, hit play, and it'll be quittin time before you know it.

Have a great weekend everybody!