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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher



GeorgiaA married Georgia high school teacher had a threesome with two students in a classroom, then met up with one of the students at a Waffle House for another sexual tryst, prosecutors say. Lori Quigley, 41, faces several sexual assault charges in the case — and authorities fear there may be other victims. “We think there’s more out there,” Major Danny Lowe of the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office told WAWS-TV… Quigley first seduced her students during sex sessions in a classroom in September and October 2012, according to the news station. She then met one of those students at a Georgia Waffle House in January for another encounter.

In the Grading the Sex Scandal Teachers game, it’s the Lori Quigleys that you really feel for.  I mean, your really naturally gifted, SSTs – your Diana Canters and your Lauren Huntington-Coopers –  they’re going to be fine.  They’re going to get by in this world on their natural ability, regardless of what kind of grades I give them.  But a Lori Quigley?  Nothing will ever come easy for her.  No matter how hard she tries and how badly she wants it, she just will never be able to make it.  She reminds me of the Special Needs kid on my team of 3rd graders back about 10 years ago.  God bless him, he loved baseball.  He’d come to the plate and do all of Nomar’s mannerisms to a tee.  It was a Coaches Pitch league, and by the end of the season my arm was worn out from trying to deliver a ball he could get his bat on.  He was a nice kid and wanted it so bad but for whatever reason God didn’t deem it fit to give the lad what he needed to be able to play the way he wanted to.  And it’s the same with poor Mrs. Quigley here.  I mean, classroom 3-ways and sex in the Waffle House?  Those are the actions of someone dreaming big Sex Scandal Teacher dreams.  But sadly… tragically… with those looks, she’ll never be better than the kid everyone feels sorry for.

The Grades:
Nick Swardson in Bucky LarsonGrade: D
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
How can you not love the heart and the desire here?  Not just the threesome in the classroom, which is the stuff of legends.  But the Waffle House just puts a Deep South twist on it that makes this one special. Grade: A
I ate a Waffle House on a golf trip to Ft. Myers one time, and I can honestly tell you even her skanked out white trash ass would be the best thing on the menu. Grade: C
[Several guys sent me the Waffle House story but @TheJohnSJoyce? came through with the all-important 3-way twist] Have information about a hot female teacher having sex with her students? Preferably with pictures? Help make the world safe for Teacher Sex Scandals by Tweeting me @jerrythornton1.