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Was This the Best Opening Weekend of the Tournament of All Time?








WOW. What a 4 days. If anybody had any doubt what the greatest sporting event in the world is this past weekend should leave no doubt. Great game after great game after great game. These first two rounds had something for everybody. The PC vs. NC game was a 10. The Wichita State vs. Kentucky game was a 10.  NC vs. Iowa State was a 10. You had crazy comebacks, miracle 4 pt plays, Big Cat going bonkers, kids crying, Presidents of schools crowd surfing, white guys dancing poorly, choke jobs and everything inbetween. I said it on twitter and I’ll say it again. Anybody who doesn’t think that March Madness is the greatest sporting event in the world should have their skull caved in. There is nothing close to it. Nothing.

PS – Per usual the hockey hardos who get insulted whenever you say any sport except hockey is awesome are coming out of the woodwork  saying playoff hockey is bettter.    Just shows how fucked in the head hockey guys are.  Nothing compares to these 4 days.  Nothing.  It’s not open for debate.  It’s a fact.  If you can’t admit that you have ZERO credibility in life.