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Roddy White Bets Somebody on Twitter Season Tickets If Mercer Beats Duke...Promptly Deletes Tweet...Backs Out On Bet





Fucking Roddy White just mangling himself on twitter.   Bro here is the thing.  If you’re gonna make an outrageous bet on twitter and not stick to it you got to make it totally outrageous .  Like “If Mercer Beats Duke I’ll give you 100 hundred trillion billion dollars.”    Nobody expects you to pay that.   But if you make it so specific like front row season tickets at the 50 yard line well then you have to pay that.    You can’t delete the tweet and act like nobody is gonna notice and then come back and say you resolved it by giving the dude a pair of tickets to the Bears game.  Gee thanks Roddy.   And you know what the crazy part is?   The dude signed a 50 million dollar contract.  He’s filthy rich. How hard would it have been to actually buy this guy season tickets and be a hero on twitter?   You can’t buy that type of good publicity.  Instead he tucked tail and ran for the hills.  Hey Roddy nobody likes somebody who welsh’s on a bet.   That’s like me saying I’ll get a Tampa Bay Devil Rays tattoo if they make the playoffs and not getting it.  I’d lose all credibility forever.