Remember The Army Ranger Who Stopped The Dude Dressed In Fake Fatigues? Well You Literally Won't Believe What Happened Next



Special OpsKristopher Vieira was arrested by campus authorities for confronting the man committing stolen valor. He was reportedly charged with disturbing the peace and making threats against the man.



So people remember this story from the other day right?   The Army Ranger who called out the dude dressed in a fake uniform.   Well as it turns out the guy got arrested.  No brainer right?  I mean that’s what you get for passing yourself off as a fake Army Ranger.  You should be thrown in jail.  Nice to see justice was served…. Wait the guy who called him out got arrested?   You mean the real Army Ranger who was pissed that the fraud was mocking the uniform?  That’s who the campus cops arrested here?  Umm what fucking planet am I on?    How is that even remotely possible?  I don’t care if he beat him within an inch of his life I still would have arrested that fraud for pretending to be a Ranger.   You deserve everything you get at this point.   This is everything that is wrong with everything.   At some point peole have to take responsibiliy for their actions.  If you pretend to be an Army Ranger don’t cry to me when somebody calls you on it and threatens to whoop your ass.   That’s on you. Pussification of America at it’s finest.   And the ironic thing is this is what the Rangers fight to protect.  The rights of frauds like that guy pretending to be them and spitting on the uniform.