You Can Never Have Enough Action For March Madness....Enter Draftstreets NCAA Tournament Challenge (Only 11 Bucks To Enter)


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I’m literally like a kid at Christmas right now.  Or at least I presume this is how kids felt like before Christmas.  I wouldn’t really know but I digress.  Anyway I’m excited as shit for the tournament to get underway.  I got my brackets filled out.  I’m in like 8 different pools.  I bet every single game and half time line.  I literally will be in a gambling coma till Sunday and the Draftstreet contest is the perfect finale.

Here is how it works.   2,000 people in the tournament.  You pick your team tomorrow with just tomorrow’s games.  The top 1000 survive and advance.   If you make the cut you pick your team again for Friday’s games.  Once again half the people (500) make the cut to Saturday.   Same thing again.  Top half make it to Sundays games and are in the money competing for the big prizes.  So if you make it to the end you’ll be picking 4 different teams for each day of the tournament.  Action on top of action on top of action.  Give me more! more! more!   I’ll see you losers on Friday.    El Pres NEVER misses a cut.

-$20K fantasy NCAA tournament
-$11 entry fee
-$5,000 first place prize
-Places 1-250 paid out


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