I Guess Steve Donahue Didn't Really Work Out At BC


Where is Al Skinner when you need him?


CBS - One week after reports surfaced saying that head coach Steve Donahue would return to Boston College, it seems the Eagles have made a final decision.”Steve Donahue will not return as basketball coach at Boston College, according to an announcement made by Director of Athletics Brad Bates,” the school released on Tuesday afternoon. Boston College was a massive disappointment this season, going 8-24 overall and just 4-14 in the ACC. The news was first reported by Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com.


I got to be honest. I thought Steve Donahue was a decent hire when BC got him. Wrong. Coaching in the Ivy Leagues just doesn’t translate to big time basketball. Systems can win in the Ivy. Coaching can win in the Ivy. Talent wins in a power conference. If you can’t get the guys you got no chance. If I were BC I’d go back to Al Skinner (AK – Coach Handsome) What did he do besides be the winningest coach of all time at the Heights. Seriously look at his record.


1997–98 Boston College 15–16 6–12 6th “BE 6″ Div.
1998–99 Boston College 6–21 3–15 13th (BE)
1999-00 Boston College 11–19 3–13 13th (BE)
2000–01 Boston College 27–5 13–3 1st East (BE) NCAA Second Round
2001–02 Boston College 20–12 8–8 4th East (BE) NCAA First Round
2002–03 Boston College 19–12 10–6 1st East (BE) NIT First Round
2003–04 Boston College 24–10 10–6 5th (BE) NCAA Second Round
2004–05 Boston College 25–5 13–3 1st (BE) NCAA Second Round
2005–06 Boston College 28–8 11–5 3rd (ACC) NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2006–07 Boston College 21–12 10–6 4th (ACC) NCAA Second Round
2007–08 Boston College 14–17 4–12 11th (ACC)
2008–09 Boston College 22–12 9–7 6th (ACC) NCAA First Round
2009–10 Boston College 15–16 6–10 8th (ACC)


How did this guy get fired?  BC has an unreal track record of doing this in all sports. Acting like they are a TIER 1 sports program when they are not. Getting rid of great coaches because they aren’t satisfied with just being competitive. They got insulted when Jeff aganinski looked at other jobs in football. They got rid of Jim O’Brien in hoop. And the worst case was firing Al Skinner after a decade in which he had only 2 losing seasons. CRAZYTOWN. You’re not going to find a better fit than Skinner. A guy who was happy where he was. Had no desire to leave or find a better job and was a consistent winner. Might as well lick your wounds and go crawling back.