This Guy Won St. Paddy's Day




Click below for unedited photo  (Borderline NSFW)




I know what people are going to say.  Hey Pres how the fuck is that borderline NSFW?   Simple.   A passed out limp dick on St. Paddy’s day doesn’t count as NSFW.  Like nakedness that is meant to make you laugh as opposed to arouse you shouldn’t be considered NSFW to begin with.   That’s just people being prude.

Anyway every year there is one picture that wins St. Paddys day.   Last year it was the chick taking a leak against a wall in Fanueil Hall.   This year it’s this dude just passed out cold, naked and alone in the middle of the street.   Can’t knock the hustle.  Guy left it all out on the field.  Just dick slanging it like you read about.   God bless the Irish.



Last Years Champs