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The Boss Man Has Arrived At Riviera

I'll never get sick of these arrival videos. Admittedly that one was more low key than the other arrivals we've seen from him recently but I still love them. We say it all the time on Fore Play but I would watch Tiger Woods do anything an everything. I'd [ay a premium to get an inside look at what Tiger does all the time. Grocery shopping? I'd watch. Washing his car? I'd watch. Making coffee in the morning? I'd watch. Sleeping? Creepy but yeah I'd watch. So yeah I'm gonna get amped up every time I see him get outta his car and walk onto a golf course. He's that electric. Those sunglasses are fantastic by the way. They're gaudy and gigantic and magnificent. To be honest there was no need to show the other golfers. Tiger Woods is the only one who matters.

PS- Did the Boss Man buzz his head? The hair looks REAL short in the back. Tiger Woods can do whatever he wants and I will support him but we've long advocated for him to cut the hair short and maybe even take a razor to it. Why not? I bet he'd look awesome. But again, he can do what he wants.