Arena Football Fan Gets Truck Sticked Into Last Week By A Player


Dead.  Probably dead.  Well okay, maybe a concussion.  But what a turn of events for this guy though, huh? He’s out with the family on a nice Satuday night at a good ol’ arena football game, has great seats, everybody’s having fun.  Then all of the sudden BOOM he’s gets decapitated like a wide receiver going across the middle and the night takes a harsh U-Turn.  Hat goes flying off and, whoops, he has no idea where he is anymore.  The look on his face after the hit screams, “You could tell me it’s 1960, JFK is still alive and there’s no such thing as the internet and I’d believe you.”  Completely lost.

With those seats you gotta keep your head on a swivel at all times.  If you’re gonna reach over you better be prepared for the consequences.  If that’s me I guarantee I read the play while it’s happening, see the guy coming, put a shoulder into him and break his collarbone.  Football instincts through the roof.  Hardo, you say?  Whatever.  Just a badass is all.

Kidding, I’d be dead.