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The Waterdogs Officially Have A Roster And, Folks, This Squad Is A Certified Wagon

Ryan Conrad, Dr. Ben Reeves and Connor Kelly. That right there gives you 3 of the biggest dogs on the past 3 college lacrosse National Champions. And with Ben Reeves legitimately going to be a doctor one day, that just means that they can save the money on hiring a team doctor and use that for something more dope as the season gets going*. Then you have Ryan Drenner who was probably the biggest breakout star of the 2019 PLL season. Then you add an absolute legend in Brodie Merrill to give the team some leadership right off the bat. Then you add Wes Berg and Ben McIntosh who I think are two of the best field-box hybrid players in the game. Then you can also throw Kieran McArdle in that list as well, who has plenty of chemistry going already with Connor Kelly playing with the New York Riptide this NLL season. Kyle McClancy is one of the best transitional d-mids in the game. Brian Karalunas is one of the most underrated weapons with a pole in the game. Christian Cuccinello gives them that North Jersey meatball mentality. Drew Snider is a top 5 dresser in the league so you know they'll be coming off the bus looking extra crispy every week. 

I'm trying my hardest right now to find a flaw in this roster and it's just not coming to me. You could say its in cage since not many people really know about Charlie Cipriano, but goalies are so weird. These guys can just show up one year out of nowhere and be the best goalie in the world. They're all a bunch of freaks and it just depends on whose brain has that perfect balance of having just enough screws loose to be crazy enough to step in front of these shots, but not too crazy where they're total psychopaths. Plus they could always grab a goalie in the draft and ride the young kid to the championship like the Redwoods were able to do with Troutner last year. 

The only thing holding this team back from playing for the Crown would be if they don't pick up Maizie to be their live mascot each week. 

*Like I said, the team won't need to hire a team doctor since they already have Reeves so that right there should be just enough salary cap room to bring in Maizie. You get her around the squad and the boys will play their asses off each and every week. There's a reason why Yale has played in back-to-back National Championships. You think Handsome Dan would surround himself with a bunch of losers? For sure not. Hire Maizie and let's go to the promised land, boys. Dawgs On Top.