Adam Schefter Is Officially Getting Ragdolled By Ian Rapoport







Hey Adam Schefter tell me how Ian Rapoports ass tastes?   Schefter is trying so hard to steal this story and is just getting ragdolled here.  Making a fool of himself.   Just making shit up now.  Like 4 days behind the Browner news.   Bro give up.   The dude is a Patriot.   It’s as unofficially official as it gets.  You lost.   You’re just embarrassing yourself now.   This is never going to be your story.   Browner’s agent is just trying to maintain some sort of leverage for incidentals and shit.   Grow up.

PS – The only guy more insufferable than Adam Scheffter here may be Brandon Browner’s agent.   Freaking out that people are reporting his client is going to the Pats.  Saying it’s irresponsible journalism and shit.  That he was just trying to play some adult league hockey last night and his phone wouldn’t stop blowing up.  Shut up dude.  People aren’t stupid.  Obviously he and Scheffter are buddies too.  That’s why Scheffter keeps trying to put the genie back in the bottle for him.   So he’ll get the inside info on all his other clients.