Ranking The Boston Late Night Food Trucks That Can Serve Till Midnight Starting April 1st



Boston.com – More late-night dining options are coming to the Hub. Starting on April 1, food trucks in Copley Square, Boston University, and Northeastern University will begin operating until midnight. The program is a new initiative by Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who last week announced he was forming a late-night task force to explore keeping bars and restaurants open until 3:30 a.m.

The trucks participating in the late-night pilot program are:
-BBQ Lamb Brothers
-Bon Me
-Chicken and Rice Guys
-Cookie Monstah
-Frozen Hoagies
-Mediterranean Home Cooking
-Meng’s Kitchen
-Stoked Pizza
-Tea Station
-The Bacon Truck


Holy shit! Boston is turning into a real city.  We may have bars staying open later? The T running later? And now late night food trucks till midnight starting April 1st.  STOP THE MADNESS! I need a map stat of where every single one of these trucks is going to be so I can taste them all.   Here is my excitement level for each.



1. Stoked Pizza
2. Chicken and Rice Guys
3. Meng’s Kitchen
4. Frozen Hoagies (Not entirely sure what this means? Frozen subs? And why is a Boston food truck calling anything a Hoagie?)
5. BBQ Lamb Brothers (Should be named BBQ Brothers. Lamb kind of turns me off but I assume they’ll have both)
6. Cookie Monstah
7. Bon Me (Bon bons?)
8. Mediterranean Home Cooking
9. The Bacon Truck (In all fairness I’m not a bacon guy, but the thought of just pounding bacon late night repulses me)
10. Tea Station (People who drink tea at midnight should be home sleeping)