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The People Of Italy Want A Woman Banned From The Country For Eating Pasta With Gravy... Cincinnati Welcomes Her With Open Arms

I'm usually a big proponent of do whatever the fuck you want. Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Who gives a shit? You shouldn't care if you get judged for eating what some others don't like. But this? Well, I know something about this. You see, pasta with gravy is pretty much just the JV version of Skyline and that version of Skyline is FUCKING GROSS. 

For those of you that may not be familiar with Skyline, it's a delicacy here in Cincinnati. 

Skyline isn't real chili though. It's essentially a gravy. The disgusting part of it isn't the actual 'chili.' No, in fact it's wonderful on the coneys - or hot dogs. The disgusting part is putting it on pasta. That's where I draw a line. You put marinara, vodka or alfredo sauce on pasta. You don't put actual gravy on your pasta unless you're a crazy person. 

I'm also very confused by the gravy distribution in this picture. How do you not cover all the pasta? There's nothing worse than eating pasta and somehow getting a bare piece. If you're going to put gravy on your pasta, do it the right way and lather that shit all over the place. 

That said, the country of Italy might be divided on her, but I'm 100% certain the city of Cincinnati will welcome her with open arms. They'll probably give her a key to the city for all I know.